Food for your skin

Dottoressa Reynaldi’s passion and experience in natural cosmetics, and Eataly’s usual care for excellence in food and ingredients merge in this innovative cosmetic line designed for all types of skin.
Since Dottoressa Reynaldi opened her first laboratory, more than thirty years ago, her products were named as “Recipes” to refer to the care, attention, passion and profession with which the person who formulate the cosmetic chooses the ingredients and create a product in the same fashion that an expert cook create and use a recipe to please the palate and satisfy the mood of the persons that receive it.

These cosmetics can be really considered as “skin food”, that has been prepared with some of Eataly selected ingredients: Savona’s Chinotto oranges, that Lurisia uses to prepare its famous drink, the Nora by Baladin beer, Guido Gobino’s choccolate, Vergnano coffee, Fontanafredda Nebbiolo wine, Ginger from the Mercante di Spezie, Sebaste’s nougat, Achillea pure blueberries juice, Jogurt by Tesori della Terra.

In Dottoressa Reynaldi’s lab these ingredients become a hand soap,a face toner,a Beer shampoo,a chocolate and a coffee lotion, a wine and a ginger shower gel, a nougat lotion, a balsamic vinegar hair mask, a yougurt conditioner, a blueberries body lotion.
These are products designed for all the skins: men, women and kids. The presence of a “food” rich in active components is the characterizing feature of this line.

For example the Achillea’s blueberries juice lotion, rich in Anthocyanin is equally beneficial for the sensitive face skin (it is great as an after shave balm), but also to contrast the onset of small brittle capillaries on legs and feet.
The lotion with nougat from Sebaste is a really “candy lotion” thanks to its content in honey and sugars that soften and leave face and body skin smooth.
The Nora by Baladin beer shampoo and yogurt conditioner give body, volume and shine to every kind of hair.
The Chinotto face toner and hand-soap are ideal to invigorate, cleanse and purify face, hands and the whole body.
The ginger shower gel will be an exotic experience that will take you to a sense journey in far lands thanks to its intense spicy perfume that will immediately revitalize your body.
The Fontanafredda wine hair and body gel is a pleasant relax moment mixed to an injection of vital energy for the skin.
The Gobino chocolate lotion will be an energy source for dull and toneless skin.
The Vergnano coffee lotion, rich in caffeine, will donate vitality and firmness to the skin.

While using these products you will feel a new natural sensation and pleasant feel on the skin. No parabens, SLES, Peg or dye are used in these products.
Soaps and gels are thickened with Xanthan gum and will gently emulsify with water on your hands and skin, and after rinsing the skin will be fresh, hydrated and softened.

The lotion are prepared with natural emulsifiers and result soft and easily absorbed by your skin.

So what are you waiting for? Give your skin a taste of these tasty and yummy product line!