Come Into Our Laboratory

To enter our Laboratory means to get into an unexpected world where Nature opens her doors to offer the best part of her. As a harmony of notes coming from an orchestra, so are generated the components of our “Recipes” from our Lab, the beating heart of our Company. Our archive of raw ingredients is made up of several “plant notes” coming from all over the world.

Here are the oils: the valuable Tsubaki flower oil, a rare camellia from Japan, the Buriti and Açai oil from the Amazon forest, and Olive, hazelnut and Argan Oils from the Mediterranean.
Among plant extracts are: Aloe, Calendula and Thyme, which are just few of the many herbs, plants and flower of the Mediterranean region, Ginko and Centella from Asia, and Sandal from India.

Algae are also present: for example the Chondrus crispus, commonly called Irish moss, a red Atlantic seaweed rich of minerals and protective properties; the Fucus and Palmaria palmata from the cold waters of britannic seas, toning and active on the microcirculation; the Undaria pinnatifida a brown algae from Asia with elasticizing and firming powers.

Among essential oil, which are chosen not just for their functional virtues but also for their natural scents, we find. Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, and many other from our bountiful Italian territories , together with others from far exotic lands, like clove oil from Zanzibar island, the purifying Tea tree oil from Australia, and Cinnamon and Vanilla from Madagascar.

There are also light powders, like the well-known talcum, and the less common silk powder, and then rice, corn and Tapioca starches, and finally for the scrubs granulates from apricots and murumuru palm seeds.
Here are Vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin E, a strong and powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin F that contrasts skin dryness, Panthenol (vitamin B5) with its soothing effects.
There are also compounds of biotechnological origin like Hyaluronic Acid and a rich list of emulsifier and detergent from plants.

In our Lab, we carefully study all the components that come from Nature, we identify and select the most precious ingredients, that are skillfully mixed to create formulations that are highly effective and pleasant on your skin.

These cosmetic Recipes, indeed represent the result of Dottoressa Reynaldi´s long-time experience, creativity and innovation, and of her dedication and passion for cosmetics Each of them has been carefully conceived to meet and satisfy the customer´s needs.
Our research is based on tradition but it is always in motion, because under the input of innovations and of a more and more careful and informed customer, it has the goal to offer the best and up-to-date formulations.

All our products are conceived and manufactured following the in force Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices, in order to guarantee the safety for customers through rigorous controls on every batch.