Maria Grazia Reynaldi

From the union between nature and science, functional cosmetics solutions


The first master degree program in cosmetic products chemistry is introduced at the Pharmacy School of the University of Torino


First Pharmacy grauduate student in Italy with an experimental thesis on the chemistry of cosmetic products.


Her professional career did not start immediately. After the Graduation, she married and had two kids, that are today at her side in carrying on the family business.


She opens her first Laboratory-shop, when who comes in can see, through a window, the lab where the products that, fresh every day, are preapared and then sold to the customers. For the first time in Italy, consumers can meet directly in person the one that conceives, creates and at the same time sells the cosmetics. People can talk directly to the producer and can present their own requests.


After twenty years of activity the business has grown. A beauty spa is open, and other stores in franchising in Torino, Bardonecchia, Porto Rotondo and Salice d’Ulzio. All of them are supervised by the careful and professional help of Dr. Reynaldi´s first collaborator, her mom Celestina Indemini.

This philosophy is still the guide-line that follows our Research and Development Lab, under the careful and meticulous supervision of Dottoressa Reynaldi.


this is the year of the first big change: the company REYNALDI Ltd for Cosmetics in behalf of third parties is founded, in a 1200 square meters’ structure with offices, production and store.


The sons of Dr. Reynaldi, Andrea and Marco, and the daughters in law Grazia and Laura become part of the Company and together with 10 other employees create an exceptional team force, young and dynamic, to create a fast, reliable and efficient production line. Thanks to the new energies, the company horizon spreads and Dottoressa Reynaldi creates for a Korean brand a whole hair-products line, and fly to Seul to personally oversee the company that commissioned her products.


The Company is the recipient of the 2004 edition of the Api (the Italian association of small size companies) WINNER, that is awarded to successfully entrepreneurial companies.


The brand Dottoressa Reynaldi make is debut in the Unioted States, where it establishes itself fot its quality and its business history as an activity created from scratch, like many successful US companies.


Upon request by her friend Sister Laura Bonin, a missionary nun of the “Immacolata Regina della Pace” Institute in Burkina Faso, she promotes the start-up of a small all-women company calles “Yelen noi per voi” that produces Shea butter, a local product of the sub-Saharan region, and in March 2010 she arrives in Bobodioulasso to teach to the new company to formulate and produce Shea butter-based lotions, shampoos, bath-gels, perfumes, insect repellents and soaps. In a short time the small company, thanks to the ability and entrepreneurial spirit of these african women, establishes itself and grows fast.


Dr. Reynaldi take part to the first edition of the “Chiave a Stella” (“the star key”) prize, organized by the Torino Chamber of Commerce, and pass the selections fot the category for companies with less than 3 Millions Euros Turnover. The following year she will be awarded the prize. Also in 2010 she receives the piemontese award “Bogianen”, which in Piedmont dialect means “do not move”, a popular nickname given to Piedmont people which refers to their stubborn temperament, able to challenge difficulties with determination and decision-making attitude. This award was established in 1995 to celebrate together Piedmont citizen by birth or “adoption” from other regions of Italy that demonstrated a particular effort and determination in their life or career achievements.
In the October 2010, during the 58th World FCEM (Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales) Conference she is awarded, in front of a worldwide audience, for her success in the effort to create a new business reality in Africa thanks to her professional expertise.


In January 2011 she travels to Ethiopia, in the Mission of the Consolata in Gambo, where, in the local Hospital Pharmacy, where she prepares lotions to be used in the Pediatric and Gynecology Division using Noug oil, a local sunflower oil used in cooking by the local populations. She teaches to the mission Sisters how to prepare their own lotions, repeating the successful entrepreneurial experience that she did in Burkina Faso.

“It´s great when a woman can help another woman, even far away.”


The beating heart of the Company is the R&D Laboratory, the place where new ideas become innovative products for the fast-changing new demands of customers. Cosmetics is every day more and more green, where new ingredients coming from Biotech research and organic agriculture are replacing the synthetic ones. Thanks to her 30-year experience in formulating new products, Dr. Reynaldi can answer at best to new market trends connecting the stability of the present to the new challenges of the future. The valuable collaboration with Eataly, where the brand Dottoressa Reynaldi is present in the Cosmetics department gave start to a new ambitious and innovative project: producing cosmetics using so called “slow foods” as main ingredients, to create natural and totally safe solutions for the whole-body care and wellness.


The company relocate in Pianezza, near Torino, moving from a 1200 sqm to a 7500 sqm site, that allow the Dr. Reynaldi team to use even better its forces in the search and development of always-new products to serve beauty and personal care.

“I could never give up to the part of my activities that include the conceivement and creation of the product. That is what give me the best satisfactions and the one who put me in contact with my customers, some of which follow me from the very first day of this activity.”