Our mission


Mother Nature, an excellent master in cosmetics, it´s a green world on planet Earth that needs to be explored, rich of plants, grasses, flowers, essences and fragrances that become the active ingredients in the manufacture of lotions, oils, shampoos and shower gels, and all the products that every day are conceived and formulated in our research laboratory.

Creme lozioni shampoo naturali
Competenza e professionalità produzione cosmetici per tutti i tipi di pelle


Natural cosmetics requires study and passion in order to offer products that are safe, pleasant and effective, rigorously without PARABENS, VASELINES and SLES, and, when possible, also without PRESERVATIVES, DYES and SILICONES. Our cosmetics come from 35 years of experience in direct contact with the client, which allows us to keep creating with accuracy, passion, creativity and competence.


“From Producer to Consumer” is a commercial form that proves to be winning. For the client, it allows a fresh product that comes directly out of the production site. It is sold with no additional packaging, which saves on price and environmental impact. What you pay is all for the quality that you find in the lotion, not for advertisement or other additional, useless costs.

Essenze ed estratti naturali per tutti i tipi di pelle
Prodotti cosmetici naturali


When our company was born 35 years ago, it was already focused on naturalness, with the idea that every human activity must be founded on respect for others and the environment. For this reason, we choose and purchase our ingredients from producers certified and engaged in organic agriculture. Moreover, we support small companies in developing countries, buying their products and supplying them with equipment and expertise for the preparation of the ingredients.