Social commitment

“Da diversi anni portiamo avanti progetti di sostegno sociale collaborando con varie realtà in Italia e nel mondo”

Burkina Faso

Being aware of the social value that companies have to play, since 2003 our business engaged into a collaboration project with the Association Yelen-Noi per Voi (we for you) with the aim to establish a framework to produce and transform Shea butter in Burkina Faso (Western Africa), and to provide to more than 25 women that lived in extreme poverty conditions a respectable job activity. This project was recognized and awarded by national authorities.


In 2010 in the Mission in Gambo, Ethiopia, starts a manufacture site to make lotions, detergents and other products with Noug oil, a local sunflower that has its habitat in those climates.

Kenya e Sudan

Since a few years, we support our friend Father Giuliano Testa to help him in creating and starting cosmetics production sites in Nairobi (Kenia) and in Rimenze (souther Sudan). Our effort is in providing know how and expertise and aimed to “make so that even the poorest of the people could become the main player in their own future”

“we provide manual work to associations tha t helps disadvantaged people, so that a paid job provide those who seek recovery,with the means for a full social redemption.”

Drop house is a daytime social service that is located in the “Barriera di Milano” area in Torino, where about a fourth of the residents are foreigners. It speaks to women, weather Italians or foreigners, with or without children, that live in vulnerable social conditions. Operators in the Drop Hose welcome women in their space and help them to find the conditions and the means in order to become autonomous and active, and do so by, among other activities, employing them in the packing and boxing process of cosmetics products in collaboration with our business.

Amàla , this is a line of cosmetics made with ingredients that have been grown on lands that have been confiscated to organized crime, helping local communities and those who seeks to find a concrete way to social redemption.

We cooperate with the association Pace e Futuro, through buying and transforming officinal plant extracts, that this association produce by employing foreign migrants and refugees.

Kolon Kandyà is an italian no-profit organisation that from more than ten years have been working in Burkina Faso to improve residents’ life conditions, and do so supporting education, job search, job training and protecting artistic and natural heritage.

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