Dottoressa Reynaldi dal 2006 è una delle prime aziende italiane BENEFIT


A “BENEFIT” Company

In June 2016, Reynaldi became one of the firs BENEFIT companies in Italy.


That means that beside operating to make profits, we pursue common good purposes.
We operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way in regard to the people, the communities, the territory, the environment, the social and cultural heritage.


The Nobel Prize winner in Economy Robert Shiller said that Benefit corporations have a double goal and will have better economic results of all other companies.
We believe that the Benefit Corporation pathway is an effective and virtuous way to raise awareness on the necessity to re-think the way we think business, which must be sustainable under all points of view.
In our company’s Articles of Association, we state:
“we believe in creating, through our company business, a shared value and a positive impact on people, society and the environment;
We have among our main goals, the one to reach a maximum in safety and quality of the cosmetic products, together with the issue of the impact on the environment and the society that is generated by our company;
We look for and use ingredients that generates from sustainable sources in respect of our Planet, we prefer production methods with low environment impact, like transformations at low temperature, the use of energy from renewable sources, and we apply policies to reduce packaging and waste;
we create the conditions to spread awareness among our suppliers and collaborators, on the topic of sustainability, throughout information projects, analisys of people happiness and other initiatives to develop knowledge on sustainable innovation;
we promote activities to sustain the weaker social groups through our collaboration with non-profit organizations and by joining social project that help those in need;
we promote the idea of business that collaborate with local and territorial associations, schools and universities, to create a business and social culture that could provide an example and an input for the new generations”.


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Environmental Sustainability

Since September 2015 we operate in our new 7500 square meters’ site in Pianezza
We took seriously the issue of environmental sustainability and decided to reduce our and our work impact and to improve energy saving.
We made improvements on the building thermal insulation, investing considerably to minimize heath dispersion.
We built an internal water plant that recycle all the water that is used during the manufacturing processes so that once it has been purified and filtered in can be re-introduce in the clean water pipeline. This allow us to offer products that have been created with no waste of water, a precious resource that we like to save.
We plan to build a solar panels plant and a biomass generator that will allow us to be power-self-sufficient, with zero CO2 emissions.
We aim to offer cosmetics products that do good to people and to the environment!

An “Open” Company

Since the very beginning we tried to create a work environment that could be nice, clean and transparent, where everything could be observed and watched by our customers, because we like to show what we are able to do and that we work in pleasant spaces.
Our company is open, come and visit us!
The Torino Tourism Office organize tours of the MADE IN TORINO. These are guided visits of the most prestigious companies in our territory, to discover methods and secrets of a high-quality production.