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“Creating natural cosmetics is an act of love”

For more than 40 years we have been combining nature and science to create functional cosmetic recipes, with a high dosage of active ingredients, which help people feel good and meet the most specific needs.

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Dottoressa Reynaldi

The story of Dottoressa Reynaldi

The first Pharmacy graduate in Italy with an experimental thesis on the chemistry of cosmetic products, she began preparing the first products on the kitchen table for her family: shampoo, shower gel, hand soaps and moisturizing creams.

Her safe, functional cosmetics formulated with ingredients of natural origin were a true innovation for those times, and were so successful that even her pharmacist colleagues asked the Doctor for personalized formulas.

In 1979 production moved to a small shop from whose window it is possible to observe the laboratory where the Doctor creates tailor-made cosmetics based on customer requests: thus the Dottoressa Reynaldi line was born.

What they say about us
What they say about us
All natural products, excellent and of excellent quality, highly recommended!
— Alessia
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What they say about us
Top quality products envelop you in a flood of scents and suggestions from every corner of the earth.
— Cecilia
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What they say about us
Excellent products, courteous, trained and professional staff.
— Carlotta
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What they say about us
Excellent products, you'll fall in love with them and never change them again!!!
— Mary
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What they say about us
It has been my go-to shop for 20 years now... I always find excellent products, very kind and knowledgeable staff in recommending the products best suited to your needs. Seeing is believing!
— Monica
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