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Buy our cosmetics, accumulate points and get a discount voucher worth €90 to spend whenever you want!

How the Loyalty Program works

Participating in our points collection is very simple: every time you spend €25 on our shop you accumulate a point, once you have collected 14 points you will receive a discount voucher worth €90.

All the references in our catalog are included in the collection of points except:

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Products on sale

Dottoressa Reynaldi acqua di rose

Rose Water – tonic enriched with Collagen

Dottoressa Reynaldi prodotti esclusi

The products of the Amalfi, Antibes, Cotone, Osaka and Sugar Basil lines.

Collecting points lasts one year starting from when you get the first point (e.g. place an order that gets a point on 06/16/2023, then you have time to collect points until 11.59pm on 06/16/2024).

The discount voucher worth €90, once accrued, can be spent in a single solution at any time of the year, it does not expire. You can use it on an order that contains all the products in our catalog except: Discounted products, Rose Water - tonic enriched with Collagen and products from the Amalfi, Antibes, Cotone, Osaka and Sugar Basil lines.

To access the collection of points you must be registered with an account on the shop . Remember to log in every time you make a purchase.

Useful information:

Where can I view my points balance?

You can view your points balance by clicking on the "Loyalty Program" button at the bottom right of the e-commerce site.

If I exhaust my points collection with a single order, can I immediately benefit from the discount?

No, you will be able to take advantage of the €90 discount on your next order.

When can I use the discount voucher worth €90?

Once the discount voucher has been unlocked, you can use it on a subsequent order at any time of the year; in fact, the voucher does not expire.

I have two discount coupons, can I use them together in a single order?

No, you cannot use two discount codes at the same time; you will therefore have to place two separate orders.

If I purchase in your stores in Turin, are the points collection valid both in stores and online?

No, we have two different loyalty programs, one for physical stores and one for e-commerce

I placed an order with bank transfer payment: why aren't the points accumulated with that order in the loyalty program?

The points relating to all orders placed by selecting bank transfer as the payment method will be visible on the personal page of the loyalty program only after we have received payment for the order.

I am signed up to the loyalty program but when browsing on my smartphone I don't see the loyalty program button. Where can I see my points?

Currently it is possible to see all the details of your loyalty program (expiration date, number of points accumulated, redemption of the €90 voucher) only from your computer. You can also see the points accumulated in the account section from your smartphone, but to be able to redeem the voucher you need to log in from your computer.

You can find the rules for collecting points here.

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