Kindness, competence, customer care, trust and passion : these are just some of the words that our customers use to describe our team. Together with our founder, Doctor Maria Grazia Reynaldi, seven other incredible women work every day at the service of beauty in our stores in Turin and on this E-commerce site.

"We are the first major supporters of our cosmetics and to prove it to you, we want to show our face!"

Here is Team Dottoressa Reynaldi!

Founder and cosmetologist

Maria Grazia Reynaldi

Maria Grazia Reynaldi, or as everyone calls her The Doctor, is the founder of this beautiful reality as well as the first Italian cosmetologist. In her creations there is everything that distinguishes her: genius, creativity, love and determination in offering her customers effective, well-made products capable of satisfying every need and every skin type. Every time he tells us a new formula, we are enchanted by how he always manages to convey his knowledge and passion to us: instilling this philosophy is our mission.

Dottoressa Reynaldi Irene
Brand Manager


A catalog with over 200 references, three sales points, new products to launch and promotional campaigns... all these things cannot be managed alone, and this is where Irene, Brand Manager and head of sales points, comes into play. Lover of refined things and everything related to the world of beauty, Irene always puts a touch of herself and her team into all projects, making sure that everything goes smoothly.

The Dottoressa Reynaldi project can be said to be her third child, after her two children!

Dottoressa Reynaldi Sara
Web Manager

Will be

If for Irene the Doctor Reynaldi project is like a third child, for Sara e-commerce and everything that revolves around it, from customers to all digital activities, is about true Love. Her goal is to spread the word of Doctor Reynaldi throughout Italy, and why not also Europe, by any means possible! She loves talking to customers on the phone, answering their messages and supporting them with their purchases as if they were in the office with her. Working surrounded by cosmetics makes her so happy that she always manages to make the whole team smile, even on the grayest days. Your favorite product? EVERYONE!

Dottoressa Reynaldi Carlotta
Web & Communication


It seems like yesterday since Carlotta entered our Pianezza Headquarters as a university student, almost three years have passed since then, and we can no longer do without her! Carlotta is one of the creative minds behind every aspect of Doctor Reynaldi's communication: posts, newsletters, photos... since she's been here our Instagram feed is something completely different! She is the youngest on the team but she already knows perfectly what she wants: prevention is better than cure. In fact, we are not surprised that among his favorite products there is the Anti-aging Tonic with Trace Elements and Hyaluronic Acid, lots of Hyaluronic Acid!

Dottoressa Reynaldi Sabina
Sales Assistant


Sabina is a cornerstone of our team: precise, reliable and competent... she may seem very reserved but just listen to her speak for a few minutes to let yourself be transported with her into the wonderful world of skincare by Doctor Reynaldi.

You can find Sabina in the store in Via Gramsci 10 in Turin.

Dottoressa Reynaldi Erika
Sales Assistant


Erika has a real devotion towards skincare, not only is she passionate about cosmetics but she likes to know and study everything that revolves around a cream and its ingredients; and is able to convey it with passion and extreme professionalism to all our customers.

Passionate about SPF and clear skin, her favorite product is without a doubt the brand new UV Block 50+ and we can only agree with her since her age, even for us on the Team, is a mystery!

You can find Erika in the store in Via Corso Monte Cucco 59 in Turin.

Dottoressa Reynaldi Francesca
Sales Assistant


Francesca is our beauty advice dispenser par excellence, as well as being our daily dose of good humor... her smile and laugh are truly contagious! A consultation with her is a real pleasure: once you understand the person's tastes and needs, in an instant you already have the right cosmetic in mind! His all-time favorite product is 100% pure Snail Slime, which he uses practically all year round... and if you want to know why we highly recommend you watch the video ( /CRiukZwrD6E/?hl=it ) in which he talks about it, you won't be able to do without it anymore!

You can find Francesca in the store in Via Gramsci 10 in Turin.

Dottoressa Reynaldi Anna
Sales Assistant


Anna is the latest addition to the Team and every time we look at her we can't help but think "but how did we live without her?!" Anna is pure energy, in ten minutes she is able to: close a gift box, have a customer try 10 different creams, create an incredible mix of home fragrances and answer the phone... all at the same time!

The favorite product of a tireless person like her could only be the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream, which on the most intense days immediately gives her a more relaxed and luminous appearance!

You can find Anna in the factory store in Via Torino 21/1 in Pianezza (TO).