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The story of Dr. Reynaldy

  • First graduated in Italy in Pharmacy with an experimental thesis on the chemistry of cosmetic products, she starts producing the first products on the kitchen table for her family: shampoo, bath foams, soaps and moisturizing creams.

  • Her cosmetics, formulated with ingredients of natural origin, are a real innovation for those times; and they are so successful that even her pharmacists colleagues require her personalized formulas.

  • In 1979 the production moved to a small shop from whose window shop it is possible to observe the laboratory where the Doctor created customized cosmetics according to the demands of the customers: that’s the birth of the Dottoressa Reynaldi line.

  • Over the years the Brand is enriched with new products and is established three stores in Turin, in the meanwhile the company Reynaldi s.r.l. grows, becoming one of the largest companies on behalf of third parties in Italy.

  • Today Dottoressa Reynaldi is engaged daily, in the laboratory of Research and Development, on the creation of new formulas, more and more functional and rich in active ingredients.

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