As time passes, skin and hair inevitably undergo deterioration physiological changes , linked to chronological aging and numerous other external factors.
Thermal stress, nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyles and excessive exposure to sunlight these are just some of the main causes that can contribute to the alteration of the hair fibers: this phenomenon is called ageing .
Well yes, Even hair ages!
Hair is a filamentous biomaterial consisting mainly of a sulphur-rich protein, la keratin , which gives it flexibility, elasticity and resistance.
The diameter of the hair increases until early adulthood, after which it begins to decrease. Did you know that, generally after the age of 50 , hair appears visibly longer thin ?
Unfortunately, in addition to the weakening linked to the passage of time, many actions we perform every day contribute to further damaging our hair.
In particular excessive and prolonged exposure to solar radiation without the protection , the repeated and close use of plates it's a bad diet can determine, over time, dehydration, loss of shine and color and increased permeability . The proteins and lipids present in the hair are in fact degraded, making them thicker fragile, rigid and dry .

No fear… prevent ageing yes you can !
To do this you can use a product that we love so much: keratin ! This very important protein tends, in fact, to diminish naturally as the years pass; its morphological appearance and functionality can also be modified by the aforementioned agents, causing fragility and dryness.
By supplementing this protein, your hair will appear immediately saner i.

Our Fortifying vials Keratin help nourish and rebuild the hair , giving it tone, vitality and body : apply an ampoule on scalp and lengths as preventive treatment or in periods when the hair is particularly subject to stress (for example after repeated bleaching or aggressive treatments), you will immediately notice the change! You can use it every week or once a month, depending on your needs, and keep it on all night , covering the skin with a cap to facilitate the opening of the scales and absorption of the vial.

A little tip : unlike what you might think, This treatment is not at all demanding . Once applied to the scalp and lengths, you can "forget" about keratin for the whole day, doing what you want at home and rinsing your hair before going to sleep or directly the next day!