We have already talked on our blog about the general properties of our snail slime products. In fact, the latter is a panacea for all kinds of skin blemishes, not only on the face but on your entire body: hair, neck, abdomen and décolleté, buttocks, legs and much more.
Here is a list of the uses of this very famous elixir of youth!


  • Acne-prone skin blemishes : in just a few months of use, a cream based on snail slime is able to significantly alleviate the effects of acne. In fact, thanks to the presence of particular peptides, mucus acts as a purifier against bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Skin regeneration : It is hydrating, nourishing, exfoliating and anti-aging. Like the most classic beauty creams, it is preferably used twice a day, morning and evening. The results of snail slime on expression lines can be seen already after the first month of application
  • Counteracts blemishes: over the years or due to excessively aggressive sun exposure, more or less evident blemishes may appear on the skin. Snail slime can prove to be an excellent ally for lightening them, thanks to the action of mucopolysaccharides.


  • Stronger hair: snail slime can also be used on hair. In fact, the substance makes them stronger and more robust, thus preventing them from breaking due to elastic bands, hair accessories or high temperatures of straighteners and irons.
  • Counteracts hair loss: during the change of season it is possible to notice an increase in hair loss. The phenomenon can be counteracted by using products containing snail slime , thus preventing thinning.
  • Reduces stretch marks: Snail slime acts not only on recently formed ones (purplish in colour) but also on lighter, pearly white ones. With constant and daily use, the results can be appreciated in a couple of months.
  • Fights irritation: for those with sensitive skin that reddens easily due to the cold or after hair removal. The soothing power of this ingredient allows the skin to rebalance and hide redness and irritation.


It contains several active ingredients that are particularly useful in the cosmetic world:

  • Allantoin: acts as a nourisher and protector, thanks to its various active properties, as a regenerator of the epidermal layers.
  • Collagen and glycolic acid: to compensate for the natural decline in production of this protein (collagen) and counteract the aging process of tissues.
  • Elastin: Another protein that helps the skin be elastic.
  • Mucopolysaccharides: sugary substances that swell in contact with water forming a structural gel that helps maintain correct hydration of the skin for a long time.

And what will you use it for? Choose your favorite preparation:

  • Facial Fluid
  • Pure snail slime