Today Doctor Reynaldi is an established company in the production of natural body cosmetics. Started by a woman with a pharmacy degree with a passion and love for cosmetics and nature. Let's discover its story together.



In 1979, Dr. Maria Grazia Reynaldi became the first woman to graduate in pharmacy with an experimental thesis on the chemistry of cosmetic products. Her professional career did not begin immediately, after graduating she married and gave birth to two children who today support her in carrying on the family business.

In 1980 he opened his first laboratory shop where anyone passing by could see the laboratory where the products sold to the public were prepared. In twenty years the company grew and Doctor Reynaldi opened, with the collaboration of her mother Celestina Indemini, a beauty institute and other sales points in Turin, Bardonecchia, Porto Rotondo and Salice d'Ulzio.


With the new millennium, Doctor Reynaldi opens REYNALDI SRL, another cosmetics company for third parties, in a factory of more than a thousand square meters where offices, production and a point of sale to the public coexist. In the same year, the Doctor's sons, Andrea and Marco, and her daughters-in-law Grazia and Laura joined the company. Thanks to the company's application, it collaborates with a Korean brand for the commissioning of new products. 

In 2004 the company received the API WINNER award as an example of successful entrepreneurship. The following year, Doctor Reynaldi flew to the USA, exporting her products overseas, establishing herself for the quality of her products and for her history as a company born from nothing, like many American companies.


For many years Doctor Reynaldi collaborates with numerous associations to help people in difficulty , the first and most important was in 2004 with Laura Bonin, missionary nun of the Immacolata Regina Della Pace institute in Burkina Faso, with whom she promoted the start-up of the all-female company Yelen-noi-per voi in which shea butter-based cosmetic products are produced.

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In 2010, Doctor Reynaldi received several awards such as the "Chiave a Stella" award from the Chamber of Commerce, the Piedmontese "Bogianen" award and at the 58th FCEM world congress for her skills. Finally, the following year he collaborated in Ethiopia with the nuns of the Consolata Mission of Gambo for the production of noug oil, repeating the entrepreneurial experience of Burkina Faso


Doctor Reynaldi's fame leads her to create collaborations also at home where, in 2012 she collaborates with EATALY where the Doctor Reynaldi brand is present in a corner dedicated to cosmetics, starting a business in which she produces natural cosmetics with slow foods.

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The company is growing more and more, transferring the production plant to a larger one in 2015, so as to allow Doctor Reynaldi and her team to make the best use of their resources in the production of increasingly cutting-edge cosmetics.


Doctor Reynaldi is a totally eco-sustainable company that respects the environment and nature. We operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards our customers, creating natural products for them that do not damage the environment.

In our new factory in Pianezza we have intervened to minimize heat losses, we also plan to introduce a photovoltaic system so as to massively reduce CO2 emissions into the environment. Finally, we have created a system for the recovery and purification of production water so that it can be put back into circulation. This allows us to offer products without wasting water.

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May 23, 2023