THE Natural perfumes are composed of natural ingredients, such as plant substances, essential oils and natural alcohol obtained from plants . Despite the first approach with a natural scent both intense , over time it becomes more delicate stabilizing over time. For the creation of natural perfumes , selected and quality natural raw materials are used which give off fragrances with the power to influence mood and therefore be used to stimulate concentration or relax the person (aromatherapy). The yield of natural perfumes also varies from person to person based on their pH.

Furthermore, they are not harmful to the environment, as their formulation consists of elements already present in nature and have perfume notes completely natural .


There are multiple intensities on the market: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, colognes and perfumed waters, which differ depending on the amount of perfume e alcohol inside them.


The eau de parfum contains within it a percentage of essences between 8% and 20%, it is the perfect fragrance for those who want to make their perfume last longer. Perfect for those who want to get noticed, also due to the most used aromatic bases such as floral, fruity and natural notes. Compared to eau de toilette, it has a higher percentage of essential oils, therefore suitable for special occasions or evening events. Discover the Doctor Reynladi collection!


The eau de toilette , with a percentage of essence ranging from 4% to 12%, it is the most famous and used fragrance of all. It represents the right compromise for all occasions.

There are many types on the market, often these are sparkling fragrances such as citrus fruits, flowers and marine aromas. The perfume is intense and enveloping , without being aggressive and heavy. Perfect for every day and on all occasions.


The cologne , born in the 17th century in the German city of the same name , it is still one of the most appreciated fragrances today. Cologne is made up of a percentage of essential oils ranging from 3% to 5%, usually with clotted essences such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and orange, to which they are added aromatic floral essential oils such as jasmine, lavender and thyme.

Designed for a purely male audience, it is also used by women for the sensations of freshness and cleanliness it transmits. It is perfect for summer use as an alternative to perfumes, as it does not evaporate easily thanks to the greater quantity of alcohol inside it.


Precisely composed of water and usually alcohol-free , has a percentage of perfume low and enriched with hydrating, refreshing and regenerating substances . Its perfume is not very persistent , but gives an immediate effect over time pleasant sensation All over the body without being intrusive. Used by men and women of any age , it is perfect for summertime to refresh yourself on any occasion, but also for sensitive and delicate skin.


The Doctor Reynaldi's natural cosmetics laboratory , has been working with passion for more than 40 years production of cosmetics and perfumes for the well-being of the body. Thanks to the union of ancient traditions and modern techniques, Doctor Reynaldi's laboratory creates body perfumes with natural raw materials, rich in active ingredients and derived from organic farming , respecting the environment and its inhabitants. The fragrances chosen in the creation of the perfumes are chosen and selected to respond to all tastes and needs, thanks to the use of unique and refined raw materials. Violet, tuberose, sandalwood and lily of the valley are just some of the fragrances selected by Doctor Reynaldi for the creation of her perfumes.

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