Peptides are one of the most talked about ingredients in the skincare field . However, when applied, they demonstrate notable benefits , revitalizing the skin and making it more resilient and strong. But let's immediately see what they are and what they are used for in natural cosmetics.

Peptides: what are they?
Peptides are short chains of amino acids that serve as the building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin . These proteins are crucial for skin care and are responsible for its texture, strength and resilience .

Without peptides , our skin would be less intact, which would lead to a loss of firmness, the appearance of wrinkles, a change in texture and a lesser elasticizing effect.

When applied topically to the skin, peptides act as little messengers, stimulating skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin, encouraging it to appear younger and more toned.


Although it is clear that peptides they perform an important task, they are not sufficient as an ingredient to be used in isolation. For this reason, Dr. Reynaldi takes a multi-ingredient approach to skincare. This means that the products it makes also contain other effective ingredients, such as antioxidants and repairing ingredients.

But what are the benefits of these amino acid chains?

  • Reduced wrinkles

Collagen, together with peptides , plumps the skin and lips, helping to smooth out wrinkles and consequently making them less visible.

  • More elastic skin

In addition to collagen, peptides also make up elastin fibers, the protein that makes our skin elastic. These fibers are therefore essential for making the skin firmer and more relaxed.

  • Relieves inflammation

THE Peptides can help relieve inflammation and repair damaged skin, evening out its tone and giving it resistance.


If your goal is to achieve smoother, softer, hydrated, and younger-looking skin, you will need to use other ingredients besides peptides.

It is with the perfect combination of the peptide and ceramide face cream and the avocado collagen mask that you will be able to obtain, for example, pleasantly soft and silky skin, counteracting the signs of skin aging and making your skin hydrated and compact in the morning in the evening.

In the synthesis recipe , the presence of peptides allows you to reduce the depth of expression lines and improve the physiological hydration of your skin. With its fresh texture and rapid absorption, it returns a sensation of purity and well-being once applied to the skin.

But it is above all thanks toRigenera that the best anti-aging effects are achieved: a regenerating, plumping and nourishing cream based on biotechnological peptides , formulated by Doctor Reynaldi to reduce wrinkles, nourish, tone and redefine the skin of the face, neck and décolleté with a delicate skin massage.

Discover the wonderful world of Doctor Reynaldi 's natural cosmetic products and find the perfect one for you and apply it immediately to your skin to see effective results in a short time!