For many people, the secret to healthy, strong hair lies at the end of a keratin treatment . Thanks to keratin treatments , the protein is manually applied to the hair and in return there are incredible benefits: healthier, less frizzy, stronger and shinier hair.


Keratin is a natural protein found in the outer layers of nails and skin and is one of the main elements that make up the hair fiber . The keratin that is used in natural cosmetic products is of plant origin and does not alter the structure of the hair at all during hair treatments: in fact it is perfectly compatible with their chemical composition.

Why does hair lose keratin?

Unlike skin, hair is unable to rebuild or regenerate itself. The loss of keratin therefore makes the hair weaker, subject to split ends and hair loss. The causes that often lead to the loss of keratin, and therefore of hair, can be the following:

  1. Use of shampoos and aggressive products: Washing your hair too often with shampoos, conditioners and chemicals negatively affects the natural state of your hair. Therefore, make sure you only use natural and specific detergents to restructure the damaged hair fiber, such as shampoo. Dr. Reynaldi 's silk recipe .
  2. Frequent use of hairdryers and straighteners: drying your hair with high temperatures of hot air and using the straightener too often ruins the composition of our hair, limiting the possibility of keeping it healthy and strong. Try to dry them naturally and avoid frequent and close use of these tools.
  3. Dyes, bleaches, permanents: chemical treatments such as dyes, bleaches and perms damage and chemically alter the hair, ruining the health of our hair. Nourish your hair with a nourishing anti-dryness mask to restore the shine and vigor of your hair!
  4. Prolonged exposure to the sun and salt: prolonged exposure to the sun has a negative impact on the beauty and health of the hair; it is for this reason that they must be protected from sunlight, salt and chlorine with specific products.
  5. Age and stress: Natural aging and excessive stress can in some cases lead to hair loss. Applying with Doctor Reynaldi 's vitamin F recipe you will immediately notice a shiny effect and will restore strength to the hair fiber and split ends damaged by the mechanical and chemical stress of combing and time.


To avoid a "neglected effect", it is advisable to adopt natural solutions to contribute to the reconstruction and reduction of hair loss. Doctor Reynaldi 's solutions , in fact, have a strong concentration of active ingredients against loss, weakness and split ends.

There  trichogen recipe is an example of this. This 100% natural anti-hair loss strengthening lotion , based on cinchona, willow, coltsfoot and yarrow extracts, has a beneficial stimulating and tonic action that protects the hair follicles from damage, preserving them for longer.

If you too want to increase the production of keratin and stimulate the growth of your hair in a totally natural way , we recommend you visit the natural cosmetics online shop of Dr. Reynaldi and find the product that best suits you and your needs!

Restore strength and shine to your hair: do it now!

September 14, 2022