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“Creating a cosmetic is an act of love”

For over 40 years we have been creating functional cosmetic recipes to meet all needs.

Our values

We are a cosmetic brand born more than 40 years ago from the passion of a young woman with a pharmacy degree, Doctor Reynaldi; things have changed since 1980, the Reynaldi family has expanded its business by starting to formulate and produce cosmetics also on behalf of other brands.

This allows us to combine the artisanal production methods , which have always distinguished the Doctor Reynaldi - Natural Cosmetics Laboratory brand, with the technology and innovation of the large reality of which we are part: Reynaldi Srl Cosmetics for Third Parties.

Even today, we are committed every day to carrying forward the values ​​on which our brand is based by creating cosmetics of plant origin that respect the Planet and doing everything in our power to keep it safe from pollution and emissions. For this reason, in June 2016, Reynaldi Srl concretized its sustainable commitment by becoming a Benefit company; a commitment that we carry forward every day by operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment.

Our commitment to the environment

Each step in the creation of a Doctor Reynaldi cosmetic is carefully studied to reduce environmental impacts as much as possible.

Dottoressa Reynaldi zero pack superfluo

Zero superfluous packaging

You often ask us why our cosmetics are not sold in cases; the answer is simple… so as not to waste unnecessary paper and plastic!

By producing everything internally, not distributing our cosmetics and keeping the number of production batches low, it is, in fact, possible to sell products that are always fresh and intact , reducing the use of paper and plastic cases to a minimum.

We prefer to invest more in the quantity of active ingredients we include in our formulas rather than in unnecessary packaging; cute, yes... but that, once you buy the cosmetic and take it home, it would end up straight in the bin!

Dottoressa Reynaldi

Zero waste of water

In our production system we have introduced a method that allows us to save 97% of the production water : this is not the water used in the formulas, but the water needed to use the machinery.

Consider that 100 liters of water are needed to produce 100 kg of cream. A quantity that is really too high if you multiply this number with all the kg of cosmetics produced every year. For this reason Reynaldi Srl has created a recovery plant for all production water; once used, the water, rather than being thrown away, is recovered and reused "infinitely" for subsequent preparations.

In short, no waste, maximum yield!

Dottoressa Reynaldi

100% renewable energy

All the electrical energy necessary for the production operations of our cosmetics is generated from renewable sources.

Furthermore, last year, with great joy, we installed a 160 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of the Pianezza factory; a further step forward in our path of environmental sustainability!

Dottoressa Reynaldi fornitori locali

Local suppliers

Where possible, we rely on suppliers in the Piedmont area, purchasing raw materials from areas close to our factory with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact resulting from their transport.

Our social commitment

For us sustainability does not just mean the environment, but also people. 

For several years we have been committed to helping the weakest groups by creating and carrying out social support projects with various entities in Italy and around the world.

The project we are most proud of?! The one that gave birth to our iconic Shea Butter line from Burkina Faso! If you don't know it yet, find out here: