Dottoressa Reynaldi

Golden Age

An exclusive treatment line, born from the synergy of highly effective and innovative active ingredients, formulated to visibly reduce the signs of aging and restore the skin's radiant splendor.

A complete routine to take care of your skin morning and evening:


A velvety elixir of beauty, rich in revolutionary and highly performing active ingredients; it increases skin elasticity and tone, illuminates the complexion and delicately exfoliates, leaving the skin smooth and compact and preparing it to better welcome the treatment cream.

With active smoothing plant complex.

How to use it : Dispense a small amount of product and massage evenly onto face and neck twice a day, morning and evening.


A precious blend of innovative and very high-dose functional substances in a cream with an enveloping and silky texture. An intensive daily treatment, formulated to repair damage caused by oxidative stress and guarantee deep and prolonged hydration even for the most demanding and mature skin.

With photoprotective Hexa-peptide.

How to use it : Take a small amount of product with the spatula and apply to the face and neck, morning and evening.


Precious latest generation active ingredients with a tightening effect work in synergy with a mix of selected vitamins to create an antioxidant and anti-aging treatment, specifically formulated for those who want to reshape the contours of the face and give the skin firmness, firmness and elasticity.

With lifting factor.

How to use it : apply the product morning and evening on the face and neck, massaging with movements from top to bottom to promote the lifting action of the product.


A concentrate of highly specific active ingredients for the treatment of the eye and lip contour in an innovative beauty ritual, formulated to take care of your eyes morning and evening. It reduces the darkness of the eyes, reduces swelling and smoothes the wrinkles typical of that area.

With biotechnological marine extract.

How to use it : take a small amount of product with the spatula and apply it morning and evening to the area around the eyes and around the lips, patting gently.

Innovative ingredients

Photoprotective hexa-peptide

counteracts skin aging by repairing damage caused by sun and pollution within the DNA.

Active smoothing plant complex:

evens out skin tone, delaying aging. Uniforms, illuminates and increases collagen synthesis.

Lifting factor:

produces a lasting tightening effect, reducing fine wrinkles and toning the tissues.

Biotechnological marine extract:

reduces the darkness of the eye contour, reduces puffiness and smoothes wrinkles in the area.