Doctor Reynaldi's products are aimed at anyone who wants to take care of their skin and hair.
For this reason, a line of natural cosmetics was also created for men who intend to take care of it using products of natural origin .


Doctor Reynaldi has created a line of natural cosmetics for men comprehends:

  • Beard and aftershave products
  • Facial cleansers
  • Energizing products for the body
  • Products for washing and styling hair

All products from the natural cosmetics line for men they contain ingredients of natural origin within them .


To take care of your beard, various products have been created in the line of natural cosmetics for men , starting from the most classic and probably also most used, namely aftershave . This cream contains only ingredients of natural origin and was created with a particular collagen and jojoba recipe. Applying it after shaving gives elasticity, homogeneity and softness to the skin, it also allows you to restore the hydrolipidic film altered during shaving. Another point in favor of this product, in addition to the amber scent, is certainly the absence of alcohol. Without this ingredient, the annoying burning sensation caused by alcohol-based aftershaves is eliminated. Next in the line of natural cosmetics for men we find two other beard care items, namely a beard oil , a beard gel and a beard balm .


One of the products designed by Doctor Reynaldi for the line natural cosmetics for men it is the anti-wrinkle facial serum .
This particular product, of natural origin , contains hyaluronic acid and argan oil.
The advice is to use it in the morning and in the evening to best hydrate the skin, furthermore it absorbs very quickly so you can also apply it before leaving the house or before going to sleep. The formulation created for this product for the men's cosmetics line allows you to reduce the obvious folds of wrinkles and energize the skin, making it more hydrated and smooth. Next we find a facial care cleanser , which can also be used for beards and hair . This last product is made up of 98% natural ingredients.


For the care of the male body, a juniper and myrrh shower gel was also created .
This particular formula, completely of natural origin , is excellent after an intense day of work or after physical activity because it energizes and reinvigorates the skin. Furthermore, juniper has a balsamic scent and combined with myrrh (an aromatic resin extracted from a shrub typical of India and Africa), it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.


To care for your hair and shape it in the best possible way for every occasion, Doctor Reynaldi has created a natural matte effect wax for men with 94% ingredients of natural origin .
Contains argan and jojoba vegetable oil (produced from jojoba seeds originating in the desert areas of southern Arizona, Mexico and California). This modeling paste guarantees a very strong yet flexible hold and also leaves no residue on the hair.