A good one natural shampoo has an excellent cleansing action, without attacking the scalp, making the hair shiny and soft to the touch.
Contrary to popular belief, every self-respecting shampoo must not be aggressive, but must cleanse delicately. Traditional hair shampoos, on the other hand, contain chemical surfactants that are sometimes too aggressive for the skin and hair, because by degreasing they destroy the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, that is, the one that protects us from bacteria and the external environment. The well-known sensation of cleanliness is in fact only temporary, since our scalp is led to produce a greater quantity of sebum to restore the "protection" eliminated by rinsing.

A natural shampoo in fact it avoids problems also and above all for people who have sensitive scalps and who would experience annoying itching with non-natural ingredients: natural shampoos in fact they do not contain parabens and petrolatum, but natural minerals, herbal extracts and oils that deeply hydrate and nourish the hair.


Like every other product created by Doctor Reynaldi, the shampoo line dedicated to hair is also completely natural in origin . These products have been designed for every type of person and need: for greasy hair, for dandruff, to make hair shinier and finally for those who wash their hair very frequently.


Dr. Reynaldi has created two types of shampoo for greasy hair.

The first with peppermint essential oil and juniper extracts has been formulated with dosed foam to minimize water consumption.

Furthermore, it contains extracts of juniper, burdock, lemon, cardamom and verbena, all organic extracts. This composition of natural ingredients helps purify and rebalance oily hair and dandruff, and can also be used every day without impoverishing the hair shaft.

Next we find the second product dedicated to oily hair, the shampoo with plant extracts of rosemary, thiolysin and burdock . This composition of natural ingredients has purifying and antiseborrheic properties, furthermore, thanks to the activity of keratin, the hair shaft is fortified. The production of sebum is balanced thanks to the action of thiolysin (a sulphur-containing amino acid) which acts by thinning sebaceous accumulations. Finally, panthenol (a provitamin of B₅) gives shine and suppleness to the hair shaft.


The propolis recipe , with a high concentration of propolis extract (a rhineous substance produced by bees to defend the hive from bacterial attacks) was designed to wash hair with dandruff.
Thanks to this formula created by Doctor Reynaldi, the blemish of dandruff is progressively resolved, also eliminating the sense of itching caused by this situation. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of Chondrus Crispus (an Atlantic red algae) the hair is shinier and softer.


To make hair shinier, Doctor Reynaldi has created a shampoo rich in silk proteins and almonds . This product also contains collagen, panthenol and keratin, all these natural ingredients gently cleanse and restructure the hair fibre.

Furthermore, this formula gives shine, body and suppleness to hair that has undergone bleaching or perming. The second product designed to make hair shinier was made with Noracraft beer from Baladin .

This beer, also called Egyptian beer due to its Kamut content (a tetraploid wheat), gives body, suppleness, volume and shine to the hair thanks to its protein content. This product is made with mild detergents and then thickened with xanthan gum (also used as a food additive) gives the shampoo a sweet softness.


Doctor Reynaldi created the shampoo with organic extracts of chamomile, calendula, lavender and lemon. This formula was created for those who wash their hair every day, thanks to the organic extracts it has a delicate action on the scalp.

In addition to the ingredients mentioned previously, the recipe has been enriched with Aloe juice, very delicate on the skin, allowing frequent washing.
It is also recommended as a shampoo for children's delicate hair. Thanks to the presence of Chondrus Crispus (an Atlantic red algae) the hair is shinier and with a silky effect.