The label of a cosmetic product can be considered its identity card: in it we can find all the useful information to be able to evaluate its composition.
One of the essential information to recognize a good natural cosmetic is the NCI.

What is INCI ? The INCI (acronym for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is nothing more than the list of elements contained within a cosmetic .


Knowing exactly the composition and raw materials of the products we are purchasing helps us make informed choices.
In natural cosmetics, for a correct reading of the INCI it is important to first of all know some interpretation rules.

For example:
Order of ingredients: the list follows a very specific order, based on weight. Therefore the ingredient present in the greatest quantity is indicated in first place, followed by the other components with lower concentrations. Ingredients in quantities of less than 1% can be listed in any order at the end of the list.

The dyes: they are usually indicated at the end of the list and are reported with the name attributed to them based on an international list, which provides for the indication of the acronym CI (“Color Index”) followed by an identification number.


The ingredients contained in a product have very specific names: in the INCI usually commonly used ingredients are indicated by their Latin names and refer to the pharmaceutical code.
The name changes for plant ingredients combined with a synthetic component and completely synthetic ingredients, these are highlighted with the English name.
In natural cosmetics, ingredients of natural origin that have not been processed with synthetic products are indicated within the INCI by their Latin botanical name linked to the plant from which they were extracted.
Finally, in the INCI the ingredients that have been grown and harvested organically are indicated with an asterisk.


On September 1, 2009, COSMOS, the new standard for organic and natural cosmetics, came into force.
This brings together all the main certification bodies (Italian, French, German and English), allows comparison between them and establishes standards in the European Union.
Thanks to this certificate, the consumer is guaranteed that the product complies with the main COSMOS standards.
In the case of the cosmetic products of the Cosmos Line Doctor Reynaldi, ICEA certified that all the ingredients of the products, premises, production processes, packaging and finally the labels met the COSMOS NATURAL certification standards . Once the COSMOS NATURAL certification has been received, the products can be considered natural, eco-sustainable cosmetics with organic ingredients.
These natural cosmetic products are suitable for all people looking for a product of natural origin.

May 22, 2023