A line of eco-organic cosmetics certified COSMOS NATURAL which enriches the already complete range of products of the Doctor Reynaldi Natural Cosmetics Laboratory. The line today includes ten essential products for daily hygiene and personal care: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, facial cleanser, intimate hygiene, hand and body creams.

All products are in line with the green philosophy of the European certification for eco-organic cosmetics. Let's find out more about Doctor Reynaldi products and the details of the Cosmos Natural certification!


Since 1980, Doctor Reynaldi, in her Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, has been formulating natural cosmetics rich in active ingredients chosen from medicinal plants and herbs, paying close attention to sustainability and environmental impact .

This is why a Cosmos Natural certified line could not be missing!

With this in mind, the Cosmos Line has been formulated with a strong focus on environmental sustainability: the cleaning products have been formulated with metered foam to minimize water consumption and with environmentally friendly detergents.


All the products in the line contain active natural ingredients of plants, herbs and flowers from organic farming and obtained with the use of clean processes and production that respect human health and the environment.

The eco-organic cosmetics of the Cosmos Natural Line do not contain gluten, animal derivatives, PEG, SLES, parabens, silicones and mineral oils; they were packaged in recyclable bottles and jars.


The Cosmos Natural line of eco-organic cosmetics by Doctor Reynaldi, which can be purchased online , in Doctora Reynladi stores in Turin and in the Cosmetics departments of Eataly , includes ten products suitable for the body of the whole family:

  • Eco-organic hair cosmetics

Oily hair shampoo with peppermint essential oil . With peppermint essential oil and extracts of juniper, burdock, lemon, cardamom, verbena, all organic for the purifying and rebalancing treatment of greasy hair with dandruff. Due to its naturalness it can be used every day without impoverishing the hair shaft.

Frequent use shampoo with organic pomegranate water . A new sensorial experience of softness and hydration in a shampoo rich in COSMOS certified ingredients and essential oils and waters (pomegranate, strawberry, blackberry) and plant extracts (blueberry, lemon, orange) from organic farming. Dedicated to all hair types looking for safe and delicate daily cleansing (adults and children) in harmony with nature.

After-shampoo hair conditioner with organic orange blossom extract. Light detangling conditioner with organic almond and shea oils and essential oils of bergamot, orange and rosemary. It gives body, volume, hydration, combability and elasticity to the hair shaft, leaving it shiny and supple without weighing it down.

Nourishing hair mask with organic coconut oil. A creamy compress based on coconut oil used by Polynesian women for the softness and shine of their hair and tsubaki oil, a camellia appreciated by Japanese women for giving strength and shine to the hair shaft.

  • Eco-organic body cosmetics

Energizing shower bath with organic red vine extract. Red vine, ginseng, lemon, pomegranate, orange, echinacea: an entirely organic juice of natural ingredients to give the body vitality, freshness, hydration and softness every day, leaving a natural fragrance of essential oils on the skin.

Intimate hygiene with organic calendula extract. Marigold, oats, yarrow, marshmallow make intimate cleansing naturally sweet, emollient and delicate. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the mucous membranes, mint and anise neutralize odors leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness. Recommended and appreciated by the whole family.

Hand cream with organic sunflower extract . Sunflower, chamomile, calendula, mallow, avocado, almonds and shea, all from organic farming, naturally envelop the hands, leaving them soft, nourished, hydrated and naturally scented with a fragrance made entirely of essential oils.

Smoothing body scrub with organic avocado oil. Murumuru granules with avocado, sunflower, chamomile, calendula, mallow, almonds and shea, all from organic farming, pleasantly massage the body to smooth, even out, firm and nourish the skin, leaving it naturally scented with a fragrance of orange and orange essential oils. bergamot

  • Eco-organic facial cosmetics

Facial cleanser with organic aloe extract . Natural biodegradable soap from coconut oil rich in emollient and hydrating aloe, witch hazel, sage, mallow, lavender and yarrow extracts from organic farming. It leaves the skin of the face soft and pleasantly scented thanks to its natural fragrance composed of natural fruit and flower oils.

Moisturizing face and body cream with organic violet extract. A soft cream created to envelop the skin with a blend of shea, avocado and almond oils and organic extracts of violet, green tea, ginseng, red vine and horsetail. The skin immediately regains its natural hydration, elasticity, homogeneity with a pleasant sense of well-being.


At an international level, COSMOS , the new standard for organic and natural cosmetics, came into force on 1 September 2009 , as the result of a long process of study and sharing which allowed the main certification bodies to compare themselves with each other: the Italian ICEA , the French ECOCERT and COSMEBIO, the German BIDH, the English SOIL ASSOCIATION.

COSMOS, in fact, establishes common requirements and definitions for organic and/or natural cosmetics in the EU.


Cosmos Natural certifies cosmetic products and raw materials for cosmetics. It guarantees compliance with the main international standard for cosmetic products, the COSMOS standard.

In Italy CEA/COSMOS certifies cosmetic products and raw materials for cosmetics. It guarantees the cosmetic products obtained by favoring the use of organic ingredients, chemical substances of natural origin, selected on the basis of environmental sustainability and healthiness criteria.

In the case of the cosmetic products of the Cosmos Line Doctor Reynaldi l ICEA verified that all the ingredients of the products, the premises and the production processes, the packaging (jars and bottles) and the labels met the COSMOS NATURAL certification standard and therefore had the requirements to be considered eco-sustainable natural cosmetics with ingredients organic.

As visible today in the pictograms of the product packaging, the eco-organic cosmetics of the Cosmos Natural Line have the certificate:

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Recyclable Containers
May 22, 2023