Many have guessed right the protagonist of today's beauty routine... and it could only be her, Doctor Reynaldi !

Busy for over 40 years in the formulation of cosmetics it has always been our inspiration to take care of our skin and a true well of knowledge and experience in the world of beauty .

Fixed dot: skin care.

Skin Type: demanding.

What I love: personally formulate the best cosmetic recipes.

What I am looking for: natural and innovative raw materials.

CLEANSING AND EVENING TREATMENT : let's start from evening which is the most important routine because I want remove the tiredness of the day and the tension of the facial features . With the tips of your fingers I perform a delicate and relaxing massage on the face, neck and décolleté using the Super Synthesis Cleansing Milk , rich in nourishing and precious vegetable oils such as Carrot and Borage Oil, which ensure the relaxation of the signs of tiredness and remove dust, make-up and dead cells. After rinsing the milk with warm water, I continue with the Super Synthesis Tonic rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Beech Buds , hydrating and elasticising elements. Applied with a cotton pad, the tonic finishes the cleansing by still removing make-up residues and leaving the skin super hydrated, ready to welcome the Truffle Mask which I use as a night cream . Truffle is a powerful antioxidant and with this generous application of cream, which is completely absorbed after a few minutes, I ensure my skin has a good dose of specific ingredients to slow down skin aging.

I fall asleep immediately while my cream works to give my skin tone and firmness.

CLEANSING AND DAY TREATMENT : when I wake up in the morning , always in a hurry, I only apply the tonic , which wakes up and refreshes the skin, and then the Oxigena Day day cream from the Golden Age line, rich in grape stem cells and oxygenating glycoproteins and hyaluronic acid. I like its plasticity and its texture is ideal for my dry and demanding skin.  

THE PRODUCT NEVER AGAIN WITHOUT : Little make-up, I don't give up lipstick and...go! At work in the laboratory to always invent new recipes!

May 22, 2023