Behind a beautiful label there is always a great graphic designer ... and ours, in addition to being very good, is also beautiful ! She is Ilaria and, not surprisingly, she shares a passion for cosmetics with the entire Team... so let's discover her beauty routine. And no what he has in his hands is not a fan but a pantonario with which select the perfect colors for the graphics of our products !

Fixed dot: a flawless complexion.

Skin Type: young but very dry (and therefore demanding).

What I love: experiment with colors even in make-up.

What I'm looking for: products from high performance that keeps the skin hydrated .

CLEANSING : the Aloe Face Cleanser and the Rose Face Mist are there perfect combo to cleanse and hydrate your skin in just a few minutes! The first naturally produces little foam and rinses off in an instant, the second is not only very fragrant but fast to use thanks to vaporizer .

DAY TREATMENT : Having very dry skin I need a cream to help me to maintain the right level of hydration throughout the day under make-up. My favorite for this time of year is the Nourishing Vitamin, a cream rich in lipids and natural oils that does not leave the skin greasy or greasy.

EVENING TREATMENT : prevention is better than cure, for this reason in the evening I apply the Black Truffle Firming Mask . Even if it's a mask I use it like a normal cream , in fact as well as being an excellent anti-wrinkle product, once applied on the face It immediately leaves the skin smooth and homogeneous .

THE PRODUCT NEVER WITHOUT AGAIN : Maracujà oil ! Combined with the foundation It's my little secret to having a base flawless makeup and prevent the skin from becoming dry and dusty.

May 22, 2023