Brightness, hydration and enveloping comfort I am the one who searches Irene, Doctor Reynaldi's brand manager that between the management of our stores and the development of new activities for the brand, don't give up a complete routine for your face and body !

Fixed dot: the brightness of the skin.

Skin type: mixed on the face, demanding on the body.

What I love: the soft, nourishing and non-greasy textures.

What I'm looking for: functional products and a treatment tailor-made for me .

CLEANSING : the product star of my bathroom is Uno Eco Bio, a delicate and skin-friendly cleanser made with only organically derived plant extracts. A true "juice" of soothing and emollient active ingredients use for everything : face, body, intimate hygiene and… also for the daily cleansing of my 3 year old.

FACIAL TREATMENT : I ​​love it mix the products together to obtain a cosmetic with a tailored, almost sewn result specifically for my needs . In the morning and in the evening my favorite blend is Glycoprotein + Elastin . The Glycoprotein cream is extraordinarily hydrating whilst having a soft and fresh texture. It reoxygenates the skin of the face, counteracting the harmful effects of free radicals, Elastin is a pure raw material, a real booster that I mix with face and body treatments to obtain maximum elasticity and compactness .

BODY TREATMENT : After the shower I could never give up body cream , which I prefer instead enveloping and full-bodied textures . My cream is the nourishing body with Triglycerides : Collagen and Elastin in high doses, which firm the skin, and nourishing Triglycerides which give me the maximum comfort and amazing skin; soft and toned!


The Karolio ! Pure Shea oil that I mix it in any product : in the shower bath, in the foot cream, in the nourishing hair pack and obviously after the bath, on the delicate skin of little Brando.

May 22, 2023