Today the beauty routine of Team Doctor Reynaldi sees as the protagonist Sara, an unbridled cosmetics enthusiast (do you think he started using eye contour at 17?) e responsible for all digital activities . Between responding to a comment on social media and monitoring the online shop, he will host the live broadcasts dedicated to the limited Christmas editions!

Fixed dot: defeat impurities of the skin.

Skin type: combination You have suffered from acne in the past .

What I love: dedicating lots of time to my skin.

What I'm looking for: effective, non-aggressive products that make my skin feel fresh and deeply cleansed.

CLEANSING : or better double cleansing ! In the evening I can't help but cleanse my face twice first removing makeup with a micellar water and rinsing it afterwards with a cleansing milk or with the propolis purifying cleanser . In this way, no trace of makeup or sebum remains, which is essential for skin like mine which often suffers from pimples and imperfections. Then in the morning I just need to use the cleanser and I'm ready to apply the subsequent treatments.

FACIAL TREATMENT : I never give up Tonic soothing with marigold and ad a light but consistent moisturizer such as the Anti-aging Moisturizing Cream with Collagen and Peptides. This combination of products helps me soothe redness due to pimples and others keep your skin hydrated during the day and evening .

THE PRODUCT NEVER WITHOUT AGAIN : the Purifying Mask to Thyme, Sage and Ononis. It's not Sunday if I don't give myself my nice quarter of an hour in his company! It is fresh, cleans deeply and once rinsed leaves the skin compact, smooth and luminous. Since it's in the tube I've been taking it everywhere!

May 22, 2023