The beating heart of a cosmetics company is the cosmetology laboratory of research and development , a place where innovative ideas become innovative products always in step with the times. In this article we will discover together what a cosmetology laboratory is and what it means to choose a natural product nowadays.


Is in the cosmetological laboratory which determines the study of raw materials for the creation of new cosmetic formulations, textures and fragrances , together with the development of natural products and their properties.

Thanks to a strong and continuously evolving know-how and cutting-edge equipment, Doctor Reynaldi constitutes a strong point for the research and study of the raw materials used in her natural cosmetics .

The in-depth knowledge of the materials, the study of each component and the continuous research of ingredients and active principles push our cosmetologists to find increasingly advanced solutions to improve both the quality of the formulations and the degree of innovation of the cosmetic products, which are made within ours cosmetology laboratory . What does it mean to choose a natural cosmetic product

Born as a tool to help improve a person's beauty and hygiene, natural cosmetics has been based, since its inception, on products easily available in nature. The purpose of natural cosmetics was in fact purely curative before it also took on an aesthetic value.

The same substances that were donated by nature were easily disposed of by it, in a circular and eco-sustainable process. Following industrialization, this characteristic has disappeared and has been replaced by the use of new syntheses that allow the appearance of the products to be improved, making them more attractive and capable of increasing their yield in terms of duration and conservation.

Nowadays choosing natural cosmetic products therefore means adopting a sustainable approach by protecting the environment with a greater degree of awareness.


Since 1980 Doctor Reynaldi natural cosmetic formula rich in active ingredients chosen from plants and medicinal herbs, dedicating strong attention to sustainability and environmental impact .

It's in his cosmetological laboratory , in fact, where the magic happens. The cosmetic recipes represent the fruit of Dr. Reynaldi 's long experience, creativity, dedication and passion for cosmetics and each of them has been carefully designed to meet and satisfy customer needs.

Today Doctor Reynaldi provides a unique experience to all men and women who decide to rely on her technologies and cosmetic lines, guaranteeing great satisfaction .

In fact, all products are designed and manufactured following the legislation in force in compliance with good laboratory and production practices, thus certifying safety for the consumer , through rigorous checks on each batch.
Let yourself be guided by nature and discover the wonderful online world of Doctor Reynaldi 's natural products !

May 23, 2023