In recent years the watchword has been green . This is because more and more people are becoming interested in the topic of environmental sustainability . This trend is also reflected in the world of beauty, well-being and personal care , preferably natural and eco-sustainable cosmetics. All this has led companies to focus on researching formulations and ingredients to produce natural cosmetics and respecting the environment and its inhabitants.

With this we can say that the future of cosmetics is natural, the search for natural treatments and plant-based ingredients, makes us understand how consumers are increasingly aware of how their choices can affect the environment. But what are the features that consumers look at most?


To date, most people have become aware of the issues of environmental pollution . Trying to do their part, the consumer is more attentive to what they buy, increasing more ethical and sustainable consumption also in beauty field.

The world of organic cosmetics responds to these needs with the use of certified ingredients , respecting nature without exploiting it and following the natural rhythms . This ethic is used in all fields such as packaging, production processes and management of raw materials , in fact organic cosmetics are often in eco-friendly packaging and produced with 0km raw materials with low environmental impact.


There are a lot of people more aware of what they buy, checking the ingredients used for the products and inquiring about the companies' production cycles . In fact, products with are purchased much more often formulations that respect every part of the body and with natural components, which are seen as value added for choosing the brand, facilitating purchase.


Obviously, natural does not always mean sustainable , in fact despite the raw materials of a product can be as natural as possible, it is not certain that the production of the product can respect the environment . A product is defined as sustainable when its production and life cycle have low environmental impact and the use of clean energy.


Dr. Reynaldi has taken the concept of environmental sustainability to heart by reducing the impact of our work and increasing energy savings. Especially since 2015, in our new factory in Pianezza in which we intervened with the investment of resources to minimize heat losses .

We made a production water recovery system, so that it can be put back into circulation through purification and filtering , this allows us to offer products without waste water . We also plan to build a photovoltaic system that allows us to be autonomous, with CO2 emissions tending towards zero. 

Finally, we created one entirely organic and natural line cosmos natural certified , to find out more about this line visit THIS LINK 

If you want to know more about COSMOS NATURAL certification click HERE (cosmos natural article link)

May 23, 2023