There impure skin needs natural products!

When the skin is impure it needs the use of natural products for its complete and effective cleansing. In fact, being forced to find your face covered in comedones, better known as blackheads, is never good for women of any age.
The solution to therefore avoid the appearance of these hideous and annoying blackheads is certainly to keep your face under constant control and always cleanse your skin with a specific cleanser.
THE best products for impure skin are natural ones which do not contain alcohol, dyes, pegs and parabens, as they prove to be very effective for toning and purifying the epidermis.
However, cleansing is a task that must be carried out regularly every day to try as much as possible to keep the skin luminous, young and beautiful. In the morning as soon as you wake up and in the evening before going to bed it is essential to remove impurities to promote the normal restoration of the skin and welcome the important nutritional principles present in creams and serums.


Impure skin, especially on the face, must be treated using specific natural products.
Every woman's daily routine should thus begin by eliminating every trace of makeup on the face through the use of cleansing milk, a real creamy base capable of eliminating skin impurities.
Some specific totally natural products from Dr. Reynaldi I am the purifying gel to be used for daily cleansing of the face but also of the back and neck, especially suitable for impure skin with blackheads or the more specific cleansing milk to eliminate excess sebaceous secretion.
These are products made up of a high percentage of natural ingredients and for this reason they do not contain parabens, pegs, allergens and colourants.

Before applying any treatment product it is necessary to use tonic; because it is able to bring numerous benefits to the skin, as it permanently removes make-up residues, the limescale present in the water and re-establishes the right pH of the skin.
Between the natural products by Doctor Reynaldi , absolutely recommended is the purifying tonic with organic extracts of Thyme, Lemon, Rosehip, Burdock and Aloe.


Natural products for impure skin are considered the best allies to finally say goodbye to annoying blemishes and horrible blackheads.


There evanescent cream it is rich in silk powder and can offer complete hydration for 24 hours; it should be applied only after having cleansed the skin in the morning and evening.
The propolis purifying cream is very useful for treating impure skin as it does not dry but directly eliminates annoying blackheads.

However, to be able to obtain always young and clean skin it is necessary to also use specific treatments such as Helix Aspersa fluid, containing snail slime. Its countless properties allow you to regenerate and nourish the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, heal and soothe the epidermis, even out the signs of scars and blemishes.
The product should be applied twice a day, i.e. in the morning and in the evening, especially in women with combination skin with obvious signs of acne, but it is also very effective for dry skin, as it hydrates and reduces wrinkles.


In addition to snail slime, Doctor Reynaldi offers various masks to be used at least once a week. Among these is the mask with purifying and absorbent action with extracts of Propolis, Sage and Thyme, capable of acting directly on the sebum follicles, cleansing and giving vigor and luminosity to impure skin. The product should be distributed generously on the face and left to act for at least 15 minutes. Removal should be carried out with a sponge glove and micellar water and then finished with the tonic.
To test Dr. Reynaldi's creams and different products, you can choose to purchase a specific trial package, containing several samples.
Doctor Reynaldi also offers the possibility of purchasing a special hydrogel formulated specifically for impure skin. The treatment should be applied to blackheads and thanks to its natural ingredients made up of Icelandic lichen and tea tree it completely eliminates comedones.