Taking care of your hair is a personal choice that is accompanied by an increasingly deep-rooted awareness of the importance of thick, shiny and above all healthy hair. The use of natural hair products , helps significantly to achieve the desired goal and allows you to keep your hair increasingly healthy.

Since hair is also part of a delicate balance that can alter its health and strength, it is necessary to take care of it with special attention. Choosing only natural products made with substances rich in specific active ingredients is a gesture of consideration towards oneself.


Taking care of your hair requires consistency over time and a careful choice of products to use.
First of all it is necessary to know as much as possible about your hair; not all hair is the same and manifests the same needs.
Secondly, it is a good idea to rely on products made by professionals in the sector who place their experience and expertise at the service of the public.
Finally, it is necessary to dedicate time and patience to caring for your hair, not limiting yourself to exclusive cleaning operations, but focusing your attention on specific rituals suitable for nourishing, illuminating or strengthening your hair where necessary.


Doctor Reynaldi's natural cosmetics laboratory deals with the creation of exclusively natural products for the well-being of the body, face and hair with competence and passion.

Thanks to a perfect blend resulting from the combination of ancient traditions and the most modern cosmetic techniques, Doctor Reynaldi's laboratory creates the most suitable products for hair care with particular attention to the raw material used.
The ingredients contained in the vast range of items offered exploit the specific properties that only nature can provide, always maintaining constant attention to environmental sustainability.

For this reason, Dr. Reynaldi's hair products can include ingredients such as pomegranate, rosemary, thyme and peppermint without having traces of silicones, parabens or other chemicals.

The vast range of products proposed by the natural cosmetics laboratory is able to find the right answer to the most disparate needs in relation to the different nature of the hair without overshadowing the quality of the excipients used and respect for the environment that welcomes us .


For all those who wish to take care of the well-being of their hair in a natural and alternative way to the classic canons of products available on the market, the natural cosmetics laboratory offers shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and numerous healing and beauty treatments for hair. hair that needs it most.

  • Natural shampoos by Doctor Reynaldi

The experience of the cosmetics laboratory has developed multiple solutions depending on the nature of the hair.

For oily hair, the shampoo with peppermint essential oils and the one based on rosemary, for dry hair the shampoo with the silk recipe capable of restoring volume and shine while for hair attacked by dandruff the one with propolis is recommended.

For an effective beauty routine, after carefully cleansing your hair and scalp, it is a good idea to nourish your hair to make your hair easy to comb and soft to the touch.
The softening properties of yogurt, honey and shea butter have inspired the creation of scented and nourishing post-shampoo conditioners.
With the recommendation of at least weekly use, however, hair masks based on jojoba oil, almonds and vitamin F or coconut oil are created which are able to deeply nourish even the most brittle hair.

  • Wellness hair treatments

For brittle and weakened hair, however, a shock treatment is necessary; the keratin vials are suitable for making the hair stronger while the strengthening anti-hair loss lotion based on the trichogen recipe are also effective in the case of the beginning of baldness.

  • Perfect and natural hairstyles

After taking care of your hair, it is essential to know how to style it. The natural cosmetics laboratory offers hair styling products based on natural ingredients (such as kiwi and vitamin F) capable of shaping, polishing and revitalizing even the most rebellious hair.